Afterlife FAIR backing artificer and freshness

Moda at Autumn Fair brings retailers an instigative and different blend of jewellery collections for the new season, pressing a return to handwrought and artisan artificer from jewellers in the UK and beyond.

Moda, the ultimate fashion destination at Autumn Fair 2023, is impeccably timed from 3- 6 September — ahead of the Golden Quarter. immaculately located at the NEC Birmingham, the show is a gravestone’s gamble from Birmingham’s famed Jewellery Quarter, making it a crucial occasion for the jewellery community to meet.

Showcasing the rearmost collections from fine jewellery brands, jewellery contrivers, fashion jewellery, loose gems, and jeweller services, this is the ultimate position for sourcing the rearmost collections from important- favored fashion jewellery favourites, including Big Metal, Scream Enough, Sea Gems, My Doris, and Lisa Angel, as well as instigative new names Gist Jewellery, Lucy Kemp Jewellery, AZ Designs, Wyle Blue World, Luvieh Jewellery, and Elizabeth James.

Showing simply at Autumn Fair 2023 are first- timekeepers Sobo & Co Jewellery, Schmuck Silver, and Morpho Accessories.

Born in East London in 2014 as a Sunday request hobbyhorse, Morpho Accessories has since grown to offer a covetable collection of dainty jewellery, intricately designed and handcrafted using precious factors, combined with beautiful pendants, and a stunning gold collection.

New to the jewellery line- up, social enterprise Lotusfeet was set up to help promote the beautiful and creative artificer of Filipino crafters, supporting and empowering them in their sweats to induce sustainable inflows and fair stipend.

Celebrating the change of season, handcrafted jewellery brand Tales from the Earth is launching its Lingua Flora collection. Meanwhile, Luvieh Jewellery’s alleviation comes from shops and monuments set up in the most beautiful corners of the world, handwrought by crafters using ways passed on from generation to generation. Lucy Kemp Jewellery’s contemporary jewellery is handwrought in her factory, drawing alleviation from her surroundings in and around Cornwall.

Sure to capture the attention of buyers is Wyle Blue World, with its collection of gravestone jewellery handwrought by crafters in the heart of Istanbul. Each piece is drafted from 22k gold- plated brass and set by hand using monuments and chargers that have been immorally sourced from around the world.

As fashion boutiques, conception stores, theater centres, and gallery shops are buying more jewellery — jewellers are also now looking to add other fashion accessories and life collections to their immolation, and Autumn Fair is where buyers can fluently discover the widest selection of new products.

Launching at the forthcoming edition is Connect@ Autumn Fair. The new connections programme will give fair more visibility than ever ahead, while contemporaneously offering buyers the occasion to plan andpre-book meetings before the show.

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