10 recommended independent jewellery contrivers to follow and support in 2023

When it comes to jewellery design, we have got you covered. We have trolled the creative assiduity to find some of the stylish independent jewellers out there, producing gorgeous handcrafted chokers, irons, rings and much further. These are makers who either run a side adventure or full- time gig, all creating beautiful products that we wanted to partake.

It's been a many times since we last recommended jewellery contrivers then on Creative smash. Our point was one of the most popular of 2020, so we allowed
we would readdress this specific craft to uncover further independent contrivers and makers specialising in jewellery.

As always, we like to give a little background to each business and also pick out a favourite product that we suppose you will also like. Be advised budgets will vary. And if we have missed someone you suppose deserves to be added to this list, tweet or telegraph us, and we'll see what we can do.

LeSter is a fine jewellery brand that combines the stories of art with traditional goldsmithing ways to" remind women of their individuality and inner revolutionary".

Author Aishleen Lester firstly trained as an artist after finishing her master's at the Royal Academy. Among other systems, she made large- scale, fragile installations out of sugar resin for marketable spaces like Selfridges." I must admit they didn't travel well on freight vessels, which forced me to reevaluate my career path," she says.

She latterly enrolled on a soldering cause that introduced her to fine jewellery." At the time, I allowed
you could substitute one world with another, turn you back on the art world and substitute it with the jewellery world. But as I develop, I realise that the knowledge and outlook sculpted as an artist informs much of what I do now," Aishleen says." The creative bow is important formed by failure than by success."

Launching her debut engagement collection, Meant To Be, Aishleen's LeSter is surely one to add to your list of independent jewellery contrivers. We love the Dark Fire Necklace, priced at£ 590.

Kassandra Lauren Gordon
Based in London, Kassandra Lauren Gordon is an award- winning multidisciplinary artist who, through a trip of tone- discovery, set up alleviation to channel the experience, texture, and voice of herself and her community into her jewellery craft.

As a artistic and creative adviser working across visual trades, film, live events and audio, Kassandra has curated an emotional portfolio working in collaboration with organisations. She has been a visiting speaker at the Royal College of the trades, and her film rocks Assignments in Unconditional Love was officially named for the London Independent Film Festival in 2022.

" When I was 13, I noticed that jewellery converted people," she says." I saw when people wear jewellery; it brings their personality to life. There's a freedom to choose pieces that speak to you, that are about particular expression, and valve into your gests .

" My pieces appeal to mortal beings who are bold, intrepid and unapologetic about who they are. They've the courage to show themselves and allow them to continue on a trip of discovery about their own growth and the world around them."

Winner of the Jewel Award( 2021), Kassandra's lightbulb moment came in 2020, she says, as she started to express her own voice in her work and used it to support other people in different mediums. We love her Roots & Reggae jewellery collection, inspired by the heritage of British- Jamaican culture and the immediacy of European and West- Indian tradition, and ranging from£ 35 to£ 3,750.

Good Daze
Rosie Greener is the author and developer behind Good Daze, an independent jewellery brand grounded in London and innovated in 2017. preliminarily she would taken a Foundation Course in Art and Design at Central St Martins in order to experiment with different disciplines, and within the first week discovered jewellery design and fully fell in love with the discipline." What could conceivably be better than designing special and meaningful objects to be worn and adored?" she asks.

Going on to study a BA in Jewellery Design at Central St Martins enabled Rosie to further explore her ideas, work on her practice and learn further about the specialized side of jewellery timber." It was not long before I realised a strong preference for designing over making and purposely aimed my career in that direction," she says.

She's since launched a successful business, with highlights including dealing pieces in a Selfridges pop- up store and uniting on a sell- eschewal jewellery collection with Lazy Oaf." My end is to produce jewellery that evokes happiness, and seeing people enjoying and wearing it in their own way is what inspires me," she says. Check out her intricate, glowing You Are My Sunshine Necklace, from£ 195.

Adriana Chede
Born in São Paulo, Adriana Chede designs elegant, delicate pieces for the ultramodern woman which can be worn every day and will last. She focuses on sustainability within her work, using recycled accoutrements and responsibly sourced monuments.

Having studied Jewellery Design at Parsons Paris and completed a master's at the European Institute of Design in Rome, Adriana has worked with jewellery design houses in Copenhagen, Milan, Rome and Paris. She moved to London to set up her eponymous fine jewellery brand in 2018.

For Adriana, jewellery has always represented a festivity of life. She discovered her passion for the craft in nonage when her father would give her mama a piece to celebrate the birth of each of their five children and special anniversaries. We love her Under the Sea collection, inspired by a trip to the Maldives in early 2021. handwrought in her London plant, it uses solid recycled 9ct gold and tourmalines to beautifully synopsize the spirit of the ocean; prices range from£ 305 to£ 1,575.

SLAB Jewellery

SLAB Jewellery is the home of handwrought jewellery developer Hannah Royce- Greensill, who makes" handwrought gothic jewellery with station". These pieces are inspired by 16th- century Memento Mori treasures and designed for individualities who are not hysterical to express their individuality. Told by sub-cultures and martyries, they combine craniums , roses and sharp halo harpoons. Each piece is one- of-a-kind and finished by hand in Hannah's Bristol factory.

Her practice was innovated on an morality of original design, traditional artificer andeco-friendly product, and each piece is made from recycled gold or tableware, using antique tools and the traditional misplaced- wax casting fashion. Intricate models are hand- sculpted in wax, performing in a unique character and a beautifully textured finish. We especially love her Morano spiked halo earrings,£ 130.

    Claire Hibon Jewellery
    A French multidisciplinary artist living in South London, Claire Hibon crafts jewellery with nature as its core influence, organic shapes being represented throughout. While the pieces are beautiful and precious, they're also ethical and sustainable, with Claire considering the environmental impact at every stage of product.

    Told by her background in cloth design, Claire draws on her gests travelling the world to capture beautiful aspects of nature in her jewellery. Having worked with top jewellery contrivers throughout her career, she's spent the last many times developing her unique style and fashion. Check out her beautiful ripple ring(£ 130-£ 170), which is handcrafted in London from recycled tableware, making each piece unique.

    Madeleine Holloway
    A British jewellery developer and maker from the Cotswolds, Madeleine Holloway specialises in gold and tableware jewellery with a rustic finish. She designs her own collections as well as specialising in bespoke upcycling services, repurposing stretch, family heritage jewellery into new bold and ultramodern designs while esteeming their novelettish attachment.

    To mark the time of the King's coronation, she's created a fabulous limited edition collection grounded around a special mark released by The Assay Office. These rings look fantastic and are a brilliant way to mark a special event in 2023, similar as a christening, marriage or scale. From her regular collections, meanwhile, we love her diamond spinning ring, a gorgeous gold and tableware design, with five brilliant white diamonds taking centre stage.

    Ara The Altar
    Ara The Altar is inspired by the Ancient World's perception of astronomy. Ara is a southern polar constellation which means' The balcony' in Latin and which was depicted in early illustrations as an balcony with burning incense, rising bank, or sacrificial immolations.

    Developer and creator Lauren translates this alleviation into the sourcing, creating and offering of beautiful, unique objects for Earth- apprehensive individualities. Embracing the slow fashion movement, every piece is made to order in her factory in North West England, using only 100 recycled solid tableware and gold.

    With ethics and sustainability impacting every decision, careful considerations are made at every step of the product process. We especially adore her rose gold megalith pendants, which start at£ 105.

    SKEN Studios
    Innovated by Sabira Silcock, SKEN Studios is a sustainable jewellery brand that makes sportful, humourous pieces from its Manchester base with guests each over the world. Although there is a whole mound of fun fitted into each product, the artificer and environmental credentials are taken veritably seriously. All of its joyous designs are hypercritically handwrought in recycled tableware and precisely packaged using recycled accoutrements " because they are not only then for a good time, but a long time too".

    Just released is SKEN's Smiles All Round collection. We especially love the Mini Melty Smile Ring that is made by melting tableware off- cuts to produce a molten face" outgunned off with a cocky grin".

    Zoe Sherwood
    Inspired by her mama , a needlewoman and her father's interest in graphic design, Londoner Zoe Sherwood is an artist who empowers and tells stories through her designs. For the once 13 times, Zoe has worked across the creative assiduity, creating bespoke pieces, from Hollywood flicks to advertising juggernauts for companies similar as Puma Black Marker.

    Produced immorally and finished by hand, her pieces are empowering, unusual and bursting with life. We particularly love her fun yet empowering' Me' collection, which takes alleviation from liar, chancing and believing in yourself; priced from£ 25 to£ 660.