The Wild New Era of High- End Men’s Jewelry

Back in 2019, Jake Gyllenhaal showed up to a red- carpet premiere wearing a thin, tasteful gold chain. It rounded his dark suit nicely, but Twitter still had an absolute meltdown — egging story named “ Leave Jake Gyllenhaal’s Choker Alone. ” We ’ve come a long way in the four times since. Harry Styles jewels plums on the regular, and a legion of Gen Z guys has bravely followed in his steps. Lil Nas X is infrequently seen without a florid earring swinging from his lobe. And now further than ever, the jewelry request is flush with daring, spectacular pieces for men with daring, spectacular price markers to match — and style- inclined, deep- pocketed guys are snapping ’em over with wild abandon.

To Olivier Reza, the alternate- generation head of the luxury jewelry house Reza, this recent swell in manly decoration simply marks a return to the natural — historically speaking — order of effects. Before wardrobes took a more staid and serious turn in the 20th century, he says, for thousands of times “ men would wear beautifiers and invest in making the effects that compass them unique and beautiful, whether it be their hair, apparel, steed, brands, or carriage. I see this further stretched way of living sluggishly returning. ”

That return is incompletely thanks to a surge of both established jewelers and upstart contrivers who are breathing new life into the upper situations of ice ultrafine jewelry, where precious essence and monuments are stationed with a further artisanal bent, and high jewelry, akin to jewelry’s haute couture, in which the rarest of gems are placed in the most showstopping of settings, performing in one- of-a-kind heritages frequently worth millions. There’s the old guard, of course — your Tiffany and De Beers alongside big names like hipsterism- hop favorite Jacob & Co and fugitive biker gods Chrome Hearts. There are the developer fashion markers, like Louis Vuitton and Prada, now bringing ginger and creativity to the space. And also there are the electric up- and- moneybags, like Frank Ocean’s Homer and diamond- caff specialist Alligator Jesus, offering fresh perspectives to an ancient art form. It all adds up to an audacious world of geometric neckwear, bedazzling tennis irons, and gemstone-happy rings that a new generation of men are, at long last, embracing wholeheartedly.

In other words The coming time you see Jake Gyllenhaal, do n’t be surprised if the chain has been upgraded to a fireworks display of rubies and sapphires threaded around his neck.