8 of Kim Kardashian’s most precious jewellery pieces – from Princess Diana’s Attallah Cross pendant and Cartier bling fromex-husband Kanye West, to Elizabeth Taylor’s wanton and diamond lavalieres Kim

Kardashian has made captions for controversial reasons formerly again – this time for buying Princess Diana’s Attallah Cross pendant at transaction for nearlyUS$200.000 in January.

According to Vogue, it’s the first time Kardashian shot for a piece of jewellery from the British royal family. Netizens took to the internet to express their disapprobation of the reality television star, who only lately suffered counterreaction from wearing a literal Marilyn Monroe dress to the Met Gala last time.

Other druggies point out that Kardashian is n’t to condemn as the piece was over for heists and buying the heritage at transaction made it fair game.

Whether she'll wear it out or not is another question however. Back in 2021, afterE!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians TV series came to an end, the Skims author opened up about how she fared with the fate of being burgled at gunpoint in 2016 at Paris Fashion Week.

She told Andy Cohen in a KUWTK series reunion that she no longer wore or kept precious jewellery at her home. “ I've it all taken from security before I indeed enter my home. I ca n’t sleep if I've jewellery in my safe, or plutocrat, or anything at my house. I just do n’t live my life like that, ” she said, adding, “ As far as jewellery, if I ’m wearing commodity, it’s espoused. It’s fake. ”

It’s unclear what Kardashian’s current station is when it comes to wearing precious bling, but either way, she’s known for retaining some of the most extravagant pieces in showbiz – and the Diana pendant is just one of the rearmost additions to her collection.

Hereby are eight of her most iconic jewellery pieces from over the times

8. Cartier Panthère Bracelet – US$35,000

Kardashian’s nowex-husband Kanye “ Ye ” West spoiled her with the most extravagant presents imaginable during their seven- time marriage.

But back in the early days, after they went public with their relationship in 2012 following Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries, West blessed her aUS$35.000 onyx Cartier Panthère cuff, per Bravo TV.

7. Three Elizabeth Taylor jade and diamond bracelets – US$65,000

The 41- time-old is a huge addict of late British- American actress Elizabeth Taylor. She has dressed up as her hero on multiple occasions and regularly sings her praises on social media. In fact, before Taylor’s death in 2011, Kardashian indeed canvassed her in a cover story for Harper’s Bazaar.

A many months latterly, Kardashian splashed outUS$65.000( nearly 10 times its estimated value) for three Lorraine Schwartz wanton and diamond irons that formerly belonged to the Cleopatra screen legend, reported Forbes.

6. More Cartier galore – over US$65,000

Easily, Kardashian – and her partner West – have an eye for Cartier bling. In 2013, The Kardashians stunner posted a print of her glammed- up wrist with five heavy- looking Cartier jewellery pieces. According to Bravo TV, the entrepreneur’s collection includes another Panthère and a pavé diamond Love cuff. Altogether, the set is worth at leastUS$65.000, states the same source.

5. Cartier Panthère Bracelet – US$73,000

All those Cartiers are still not enough for the bling- loving social media sensation. Just one month after posting that emotional sextet, Kardashian participated a print of her “ new pet catamount ”, as she said in her caption, adding the hashtag#TheDonStrikesAgain, which suggested it also was a gift from West, per Bravo TV. The report states it’s worth aboutUS$73.000.

4. Those diamond earrings lost at Bora Bora – US$75,000

Flash back that iconic scene from KUWTK when Kardashian could n’t find her diamond earrings while swimming at a luxury resort in Bora Bora?

Well, she was presumably freaking out because they were worth a whoppingUS$75.000, per The Richest. Luckily for her, Kim’s youngish family Kylie Jenner helped with the hunt and set up the brace “ in two twinkles ”, as she told Buzzfeed in 2017.

3. Princess Diana’s Attallah Cross pendant – US$200,000

Kardashian’s most recent public jewellery purchase set her back nearlyUS$200.000 at a Sotheby’s transaction on January 18, as she beat out three other stab. The foamy amethyst cross pendant was made by British luxury jeweller Garrard and only ever worn by the late Princess Diana, according to the press release.

2. Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker – US$1 million

In November 2016, Kardashian wrote in a post on her website, “ This gestation, I would love a Lorraine Schwartz diamond dog collar, like the bones I ’ve worn before to the Art Film Gala. ”

It sounded she got her want not long after Saint’s birth, as the reality star showed off a putatively new diamond dog collar at a marriage in April, reported British media. It’s estimated that the extravagant “ drive present ” would have bring aroundUS$ 1 million, per Cheatsheet.

1. Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring – US$4.5 million

Kardashian’s most precious known piece of jewellery is said to be her glamorous engagement ring from also- fiancé West.

The 45- time-old “ Famous ” musician proposed to Kardashian in October 2013 with a 15- carat bumper diamond ring from Lorraine Schwartz, per Insider. He latterly upgraded the gem with a 20- carat diamond, states the same source but, in 2016, theUS$4.5 million ring was stolen along with other precious jewels in Kardashian’s collection.

In 2019, she wore a replica of the ring in a print shoot for Lorraine Schwartz.

Kardashian has a record of precious engagement rings with her 16- carat diamond ring from NBA player Humphries going US$ 2 million, per Insider. The couple infamously disassociated after just 72 days and Humphries reportedly vended the gem at transaction for underUS$ 1 million.