Important Tips on Buying Jewelry for Beginners, Must Know So You Don’t Get Fooled!

Necklaces, gold, rings, pendants are a series of jewelry covered with gold and diamonds. Each of these pieces of jewelry not only has a different design, but has a different level purity of gold.

You may have asked yourself, when buying gold jewelry in one store why is the price different from jewelry in another shop. As a result, without knowing the reason, you also choose to buy gold at a shop that offers a much cheaper price.

So, for those of you beginners who want to buy jewelry, there are some tips that you can follow before buying gold, which is :

1. Grade and Carat of Gold

Before buying gold jewelry, it's a good idea to know the levels first. Grade is the purity level of gold. The meaning of purity has to do with how much alloy of other metals (silver, copper, platinum, etc.) is in the gold. Then the gold content is expressed in carats. So for example, you want to buy gold with a level of 18 carat (18K). In accordance with SNI, 18K gold has a pure gold content of around 75.40-78.49%.

2. Check the Latest Gold Prices

This is one of the important factors that you should know before buying gold jewelry. It's a good idea to know the latest price of gold per gram. That's because every day there is a change in the price of gold which follows many factors, ranging from inflation to the supply and demand for gold itself. It would be better if the shop you go to has updated gold price information. That way, you can calculate approximately what grade of gold jewelry you can buy according to your budget.

3. Buy at Trusted Outlets

When talking about buying gold jewelry, there are still many who are hesitant to buy it at outlets located in malls. Many people still choose to buy jewelery at traditional shops. This is actually not a problem, if you have confirmed that the store sells its products transparently.

"People who want to buy gold jewelry are better off buying at outlets that have complete services. For example, providing an explanation of grades and carats. Customers can also check gold levels via a carameter machine," said Jelita Setifa as General Manager of The Palace, Wednesday (11/1).

So, now you know three tips that can be your consideration before buying gold jewelry? For those of you who want to get engaged, get married, or just buy jewelry as a form of self-reward, make sure you don't buy the wrong one! Choose the most complete, affordable, and guaranteed outlets to get the highest quality jewelry.