Bottega Veneta’s Drop Earrings Are The’ It’ Accessory Of The Season — These 6 Dupes Are Just As Stylish

When it comes to the debut collections of fashion contrivers at the helm of a luxury maison, their first runway is generally treated as a warm up or tease for what is to come formerly they have set up their footing on the shop bottom.

Still for Bottega Veneta's Matthieu Blazy, his beginner and sophomore collections for the coveted Italian marker was a triumphant display of refined fineness, with nearly every piece shown on the catwalk incontinently coveted by the celebrity style set.
But if there was one crucial piece from these collections that were a stand out must have, it's the enviable Bottega Veneta drop earring.

Analogous to Blazy's precursor Daniel Lee, the contrivers partiality for establishing lust- good and largely sought after particulars that come the' it' piece of the season leaves nothing to be asked .
And with members of the celebrity style set like Margot Robbie, Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa taking up the mantle of getting the tone- placarded proverbial ministers for Blazy's work, it was only a matter of time before one of his designs reached viral cult- status.
Sure, we suspected that his sportful Sardine Bag or consummately designed intrecciato leather blue jeans would be the pieces that style pundits would elect as the season's must have, but as anyone who has visited social media would know, it's the marker's drop earrings that have been reclaimed by' It girls' far and wide.

Theraindrop-esque style comes in both unheroic gold and tableware, and is taking TikTok by storm with the hashtag#BottegaVenetaDropEarrings viewed over2.8 million times.
The earrings are indeed the object of our affection, with the minimum aesthetic cankering the statement earring and circle trend.

In fact, we would go so far to say these earrings have the power to replace the observance mound trend given their maximalist size.

But with this style having vended out time and time again after innumerous restocks, we have taken it upon ourselves to comb the internet to find the stylishbean-esque dupes that are guaranteed to compete the real thing.

Of course, there is also nothing that can compare to retaining your own brace of this must- have item( complete with the iconic Bottega green box it comes with), but if you are looking at emulating the aesthetic without the$,070 price label, these six options below are just as swish.