Cartier unveils new high jewellery collection at Couture Week

Chapter III of the Beautés du Monde high jewellery collection formerly again encapsulates the beauty of the world in all its forms, continuing the Maison’s tradition and gospel of conserving and perfecting the beauty of the world.

The Ocelle Necklace

Within the Beautés du Monde collection, the Ocelle choker pays homage to the peacock, a crucial motif in the Maison’s palette, with two opals importing at16.59 ct and6.19 ct independently, alongside a21.18 ct Zambian emerald.

Incorporating the form of the dots that characterise the peacock’s plumage, the Ocelle choker mimics the beautiful raspberry in both colour and shape.

The dots are miniaturised, multiplied and stressed by an onyx trim.

Each point has mobility, lapping one another to give a malleability to the design.

The fluid movement and design of the piece attests to the excellence of Cartier’s shops.

The custom cut opals and emerald are mounted on their culasse to produce an unnoticeable setting.

Allowing for increased wearability, the upper opal detaches from the choker, allowing for it to be worn as a brooch.

The Splendens Necklace

Although, the Splendens choker aims to replicate the undulating fins of a fighting fish, the intent of this piece was noway to introduce a new beast into the Cartier menagerie.

Splendens was created with the desire to abstractly represent the delicate nature of floating fins in a high jewellery masterpiece.

Made with a waterfall of spinel globules, named for their harmony of colours and adding size, each blob is held within a type of unnoticeable cap by a bitsy nail whose face plays with the light like water does over the scales of a fish.

The supple bib choker is lined with nine round and pear spinals totalling27.79 ct and is speckled with square- and capsule- shaped diamonds.

The Camail Necklace

A raspberry’s plumage becomes an abstract motif in the form of a dog collar in the Camail choker.

Cartier’s crafters set up alleviation for this piece as they respected a42.44 ct ensemble of five pear- shaped Zambian emeralds.

Each rock is stressed by a wind of square diamonds, trimmed with custom- cut onyx – creating a strong sensation of movement.

The composition of the choker features two exemplifications of jewellery- making moxie the choker’s malleability, and theprong-less settings of the emeralds.

Each gravestone is precisely fitted into a crescent- moon paved with diamonds that's integrated into the border. The creation explores the harmony between white, green and black – a trend which appeared around 1910 and has since come an representational combination for the Maison.

The dark of onyx, lacquer and enamel provides discrepancy while suggesting volume and depth as the piece highlights geometric motifs.

This combination of design motifs heralded the Art Deco movement – of which Cartier was a colonist.

The Obi Necklace

The Obi choker draws alleviation from Japanese fabrics, which feature the rising sun motif, paying homage to the culture of Japan – an inspiring land cherished by the Maison for further than a century.

A12.53 ct baguette- cut emerald from Zambia provides the starting point for the piece, with seven other emeralds forming the heart of the sun motifs, linking together around the neckline.

The roundness of the gemstones contrasts with the geometric nature of the motif, pointed by small calibrated rubies.

Custom- cut onyx inserts mark sharp angles, accentuate volume and give a depth to the entire choker.

Cartier has created unknown combinations since the morning of the 20th century – the green, red and black combination is now a hand for the Maison.

The colour dark is a newer ultramodern entry into the Cartier macrocosm.

In keeping with Cartier’s tradition of transformable pieces, the pendant motif detaches from the choker to be worn as a brooch.

Cartier creative director, Jacqueline Karachi said “ Always seeking to enchant the senses, we transcribe the uproariousness of societies, geographies, fauna, and foliage with a contemporary outlook. “

Each collection represents an occasion to reveal a new and distinctive aspect of the Cartier style, a unique multifaceted style.

“ Seeing a gravestone for the first time is a magical experience charged with feelings that transport and guide the creation from verismo to abstraction, constantly pushing the limits of creativity and savoir- faire.

“ The Maison’s savoir- faire is a endless dialogue between creation and fashion. “ The jeweller’s literacy makes it possible to hide the shaping and slice process, in order to punctuate the aesthetics and the monuments. ”