GREATEST SHOWROOMS in the WORLD : Emperor Jewellery, Hong Kong, China

The architect and also the founder of the training Cream, Anthony Chan, was given a project for a new Emperor Jewellery store which is opening at Hong Kong luxury retail development 1881 Heritage.

He was told to 'make it sparkle'. Never to disappoint any client, Mr Chan did just that.

The store is a sparkling box of pensive surfaces, gold details, glass walls, and general sheen.

It is a fascinating impression, but once your eyes adapt and you can look beyond that initial admire factor, you will find that he has matting as much storytelling into the hall as he has elegance.

Emperor is a long-standing jeweller in Hong Kong, looked back to 1942, and Chan wanted to tie some of that nostalgic history into this new store and make it suitable with the personality of its owners, which is the Yeung family.

The Yeungs are significant antiqueties collectors and so to mirror this, Chan build what he depicts as a miniature museum, with vague glass columns precised with built-in vitrines for the jewels.

Not forget to mention that he also got inspiration from nature. A curving mirror is suited with golden reed-like rods, and the VIP client room exterior is decorated with cut-steel visuals of butterflies, flowers and trees.